Press Release

Dr. Al Damrawy Speaks at the Future Energy and Mobility Asia Summit & AMCHAM Thailand

Date: 18.05.2024

Alternative Mobility GmbH is proud to announce that our CEO, Dr. Al Damrawy, recently addressed two prestigious industry events between May 15-17, 2024, sharing innovative strategies for electric vehicle (EV) adoption and sustainable transportation.

Future Mobility Asia Summit:

Dr. Al Damrawy, internationally recognized as a leading figure in international development, environmental sustainability, and green mobility global projects, served as a strategic speaker at the Future Mobility Asia Summit. He shared his visionary insights on the future of green mobility, reinforcing Alternative Mobility’s commitment to pioneering advancements in e-mobility solutions and showcasing our dedication to driving the future of sustainable transportation. Dr. Al Damrawy emphasized the importance of integrating cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure development to accelerate the adoption of EVs across Asia. He also discussed the role of policy support and international collaboration in advancing the green mobility sector.

AMCHAM Thailand Event

At the AMCHAM Thailand event, Dr. Al Damrawy presented practical strategies for EV conversion and highlighted global trends in sustainable transportation. He emphasized Thailand's readiness for the EV sector and discussed human development initiatives within the Eastern Economic Corridor, focusing on future labor market demands. Dr. Al Damrawy underscored the significance of workforce development and training programs to meet the evolving needs of the EV industry. Additionally, he addressed the economic and environmental benefits of transitioning to green mobility, aligning with Thailand's sustainable development goals.

Through these engagements, Dr. Al Damrawy further established Alternative Mobility as a credible technological partner, solidifying the company's reputation in the global green mobility landscape.

Future Mobility Asia Summit