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Who are we?

Alternative Mobility (AM) is an innovative company that specializes in the development of solutions in the field of electric mobility. This involves the creation and implementation of both hardware and software concepts that can be used in electric vehicles and charging stations. Through many years of experience, AM has built up extensive knowledge in this area. Our core competence is currently the production of a conversion kit for the electrification of diesel buses. Depending on the requirements, different drive and battery systems are used. This enables a flexible, customer-specific solution that can be adapted to the vehicle in an uncomplicated and efficient manner.

Enough with diesel.

Expensive new purchase - no! We give your bus a whole new eco-friendly life through our innovative conversion kits. We replace diesel engine, transmission, alternator with our perfected kit components in our conversion to reduce internal combustion engines on our roads. Depending on the range requirement, we determine the actual battery capacity needed. This allows us to save unnecessary weight in the vehicle and ultimately unnecessary costs for our customers.

No Diesel

Our kit

AM Bus Mockup

The special feature of our kit lies in the skillful control, as well as in the most modern system components. Safety plays a decisive role in this. Thanks to the efficient control algorithms, the optimum can be achieved in the interaction of components. This ensures high efficiency of the powertrain. This results in low consumption as well as a long range. With the aid of the fast-charging function, charging times are significantly reduced, which greatly increases the vehicles operational capability. By using different drive systems, the conversion can be easily adapted to any vehicle. A high safety standard can be achieved by using the certified and tested components.


The drive system in the electric vehicle is of central importance. Depending on the application, it is possible to use both a central motor and a portal axle. as well as a portal axis. Both systems offer their advantages, high efficiency and flexibility. Thus, virtually any vehicle can be electrified.

Battery system

The drive battery is also a central module in the electric vehicle. Modern technology enables long service life, long ranges and short charging times. Safety plays a decisive role here. The modular design offers scalability of the range.

Vehicle charger

The charger is an important link between an electric vehicle and a charging station. The systems fast-charging capability is of central importance here. The vehicle can request charging power of up to 350 kW via the modern communication protocol. This significantly shortens the charging time and significantly increases the vehicles operational capability.


The high-tech ECU ensures flexible connection of vehicle components. The numerous communication interfaces make it easy to interact with any devices. Thanks to the high computing power, the implementation of complex software algorithms is made possible. A high safety standard can be achieved.

Alternative Mobility Wide Range of Services:

Revamp your fleet with AM's expertise and benefit of:

  • Expert Guidance: Our seasoned professionals to navigate your electric mobility journey.
  • Comprehensive Support: Seamlessly transition to electric power with our full-service solutions.
  • Innovative Conversion EV Kits: Access cutting-edge kits for effortless fleet integration.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized software and security support to meet your fleet needs.
  • Exclusive Training: Empower your technical team with essential conversion skills for success.
  • Franchise Opportunities: Explore new business ventures with our franchising options.

Alternative Mobility Expertise Encompasses:

  • Advancements in Charging Technology
  • Innovations in Sensor Technologies & Predictive Maintenance
  • Implementation of IoT Solutions for Streamlining Operations, Enhancing Monitoring, and Fleet Management
  • Mastery of Programming Languages: From C to Codesys


Reduce costs

By converting your existing diesel buses, you not only have lower acquisition costs, but also reduce operating costs by around 70 percent.

Rather rebuilt

A newly purchased electric bus costs double or triple the price of a converted bus.


Maintenance costs of a converted bus are significantly lower than those of a diesel bus.

Extension of usage

By converting your existing old buses, you give the vehicle a new lease of life. You can use your vehicle for at least another eight to ten years by converting it. Electromobility also increases passenger comfort.

Support programs

For sustainable projects in the field of electrification, there are several national as well as interanational support programs of the governments and the European Union.

Support programs

Getting started with electromobility is easier than you might think and is supported by a wide range of subsidy programs from the federal, state and local governments. Since the beginning of 2021, the federal government has been supporting the conversion of diesel buses with up to 80 percent.

Through the cooperation with our partner the Nürnberger Leasing Group we have the possibility to offer you attractive financing options. Together we are there for your project and support you in questions of financing.


Our hydrogen project

Since 2021, AM has been leading a work package in the EU-funded "CoacHyfied" project to convert diesel buses to hydrogen.

The project members of a consortium of 17 partners from all over Europe have taken the goals of the European Green Deal to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50 % by 2030 and to achieve complete climate neutrality by 2050 as an opportunity to jointly drive forward the development of fuel cell systems for coaches. The European-funded project "Hydrogen fuel cell buses for regional and long-distance transport with energy-optimized drives and cost-optimized design" is supported directly by the European Commission from Brussels.


Dr. Al Damrawy Speaks at the Future Energy and Mobility Asia Summit & AMCHAM Thailand

Dr. Al Damrawy, CEO of Alternative Mobility GmbH, spoke at the Future Mobility Asia Summit and AMCHAM Thailand, highlighting strategies for EV adoption and sustainable transportation, emphasizing technology, policy support, and workforce development.

Electrifying Partnership Energytech Asia and Alternative Mobility GmbH Initiate a New Chapter in Thailand's E-Mobility

On January 4, 2024, Energytech Asia (ETA) and Alternative Mobility GmbH (AM) signed a significant cooperation agreement in Bangkok. This agreement marks an important step in the transformation of the Thai market for the electrification of trucks and buses.

Global Success: Alternative Mobility GmbH Wins Taiwan's 'Call for Solutions' 2023

Alternative Mobility GmbH from Germany, specializing in the electrification of public transport, has triumphed in the prestigious "Call for Solutions: Green Transitions for Industrial Cities" competition in Taiwan in 2023.

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